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Bill Weasley [userpic]

Oh, he has GOT to be joking.

At least, that's what I would think if he weren't, you know. A Malfoy. Please, please, please tell me there's going to be an alternative to voting for a jailbird Death Eater.

Oh, and any of you who think OWLs and NEWTs are rough when you're a student ought to try it from this side. If I never have to charm another quill to resist cheating it'll be too soon.

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Bill Weasley [userpic]

So what if I have very little experience with dragons. They can't be too different from mummies and curses. Can't wait until classes are over for the week and I can meet up with Charlie.

I am itching for some action. Teaching Defence is much different from living it. Never thought I'd be missing clearing out dusty old tombs that turned out to be empty; you just never knew if they were cursed or not.

I suppose I should be grateful that Hogwarts isn't more action-packed, though. A bit of boredom is a small price to pay for the safety of so many.

But look out dragons. The Brothers Weasley are coming after you! (Hey, I'd be scared of us.)

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Bugger OffCollapse )

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Bill Weasley [userpic]

Yeah, another year older.

I used to get so excited about my birthday when I was a little kid. I loved presents and cake and everything. Still do, I guess, but it's just not the same anymore. Being a grown up is too hard. Can't I just go back to being a kid again?

I think I'll do something silly this afternoon. Anyone want to go sledding with me?

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Bill Weasley [userpic]


Lucius Malfoy... a spy? I really just don't believe it.

I don't care what sodding Percy thinks he found. I'm sure he doesn't even care about what he's done if as long as it gets him a promotion.

Percy, if you care to explain yourself, go ahead and try. If you even care enough about the rest of your family anymore to be bothered, which I doubt because since when did being a decent person get your name in the Prophet?

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Bill Weasley [userpic]

Really, I've had the more fun this weekend than I've had in the last few months put together. Here's why:

1) Gryffindor kicked the stuffing out of Slytherin at Quidditch today! I am SO PROUD of my baby sister. I've rarely seen playing like that on a school team. Way to go, Ginny! Although Dad thinks you need extra looking after. Want to come up to my office for a game of Exploding Snap tomorrow after lunch?

2) And RON. It's about time. Are Ravenclaw girls still the best kissers? The Ravenclaw girls in my year... well, they were very nice. VERY nice.

3) SIRIUS BLACK IS ALIVE! He wasn't really quite dead, just very, very lost. Remus found him and it was wonderful to see him today at the Quidditch match, happy and smiling and being normal. I never knew him this way before. It's really great.

4) There was roast beef for dinner. Hogarts house-elves make the best roast beef. (Sorry, Mum. Everything else of yours is better, though.)

Now, I am up much too late and am completely knackered. Better be off to bed now.

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Bill Weasley [userpic]

This changes everything.

Now everyone knows Sirius was innocent of what he was charged with. I wonder if anyone's sorry?

I am itching for a look at that flute, but I doubt I'd be able to get anywhere near it. Maybe Kingsley or Hestia can get a look at it.

I think I'm going to London this weekend. Sitting around Hogwarts while all of this is going on without me will likely drive me mad.

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Bill Weasley [userpic]

How dare he?Collapse )

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Bill Weasley [userpic]

I go away for one weekend, and this whole place goes crazy about... er... things it would be inappropriate for me (as a teacher) to discuss in this forum. Not that I don't have, er, opinions on the subject.

I'll just say that I would advise anyone who might be interested against working in a place where your younger siblings are in attendance. Such circumstances are not beneficial for one's dignity (if I have any left). Just an observation.

I had none of that on my mind the last few days.

It was nice visiting with Fleur.

Ahem. These two topics have nothing to do with one another.

That is all.

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Bill Weasley [userpic]

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